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 Forum posting rules - Please Read!

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Forum posting rules - Please Read! Empty
PostSubject: Forum posting rules - Please Read!   Forum posting rules - Please Read! EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 8:04 am

Our former groups on Google and Facebook were fine, but I don't recall seeing rules of posting, so I'll post a few here.

* Before you start a topic, perform a search to see if the question or topic you wish to create has been made before. If it has, post in the topic that already exists. Duplicate topics waste space and may be closed.

* Please make the topic title you are creating descriptive, clearly reflecting the topic you are addressing. Do not make generic titles such as "Question", "I need help", or in full capitals, with an obscene amount of periods, exclamation marks, question marks, etc. These topics will probably go unnoticed, whereas a topic with a descriptive title will gain more interest.

* Stay on topic; posts that do not may be removed. If you wish to discuss a different subject take it to the proper thread.

* When replying to a topic, don't; unless you have something meaningful to say or something that will contribute to the discussion. Posts such as "Yes", "I agree", "LOL", don't really add much to the topic.

* If you have an issue with a member or moderation decision contact the member in question or a staff member via PM. DO NOT air your grievances publicly in the original topic or otherwise.

* Do not post someone's personal information without the proper consent. This includes personal photos, names, addresses, phone numbers, E-mail, instant messenger handles, conversation logs, etc. If the person requests that you remove the subject matter you must comply or else the staff members will intervene.

* Absolutely no posting of pornographic content of any kind, linked to or otherwise.

* When posting please refrain from double/triple/etc posting and from creating multiple topics about the same subject.

* Don't make secondary accounts, duplicate accounts will be banned.

* Avoid bumping (reviving) old or new topics; they'll be replied to when they're replied to.

* Use the report function! If you see someone breaking a rule, report it. Don't reply to a post you've just reported and don't write an essay for the report reason but DO make it clear why it should be removed.

* Do not "flame", "bash", "troll" or harass others. Blatantly offensive comments or actions directed at others will not be tolerated. While we do allow members to debate and voice their own opinions, there will be a limit to how far a heated debate can go before it is closed by staff. If you harass someone you will be disciplined. Period.

* Please show respect for all members here, new or old. Disparaging remarks towards others about race, gender, origin, handicap, age, sexual orientation, personal politics and religion will NOT be tolerated and will most likely be removed by staff. The poster will then be warned,.

Flaming (also known as bashing) is hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users.

"Flaming" or bashing someone else, even in self-defense, is strictly prohibited. If you have something to say, say it respectfully or not at all. If someone is harassing you either use the report function or contact a staff member directly. Replying to a flame post will likely result in the removal of your post as well. "Flamebaiting", or attempting to draw other members into personally attacking you or each other is also not allowed.


Spamming is defined as multiple bulk messages in various forums, either with an eye towards advertising or not.

NO SPAM! It shouldn't need to be said. If you do see a person or account posting things that seem to be only ads for Viagra, etc, please report it.

If there are questions about the rules, please email the administrators or moderators.
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Forum posting rules - Please Read!
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